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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Teacher: Miss Jordan Soja

 Five words to describe Holy Family School:

  1. Faithful
  2. Inspiring
  3. Compassionate
  4. Genuine
  5. Peaceful


Some units of study in Fourth Grade:


Edible Advent Wreaths- As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the students learn why we use an advent wreath and understand the importance of each part of the Advent Wreath. The students then use their creativity to create their own edible advent wreath at home. The students enjoy bringing them in and sharing each unique Advent Wreath with the class.

Jesse trees- At the beginning of Advent, we listen to Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. The students then paint and decorate their own Jesse Trees to retell the stories of the Bible that lead to Jesus’ birth. Since Advent is a season of waiting, creating the Jesse Trees allows us to feel the joy and anticipation of Christmas.

Mary Projects- During Catholic School’s Week, the students learn how we honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. The students will learn about the Feast Days of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, and the significance of her holy life as Jesus’ mother. The students will then go home and use what they have learned to create their own three dimensional shrine to honor our mother, Mary. Using art supplies, flowers, and a statue of Mary, they will create this grotto to inspire others to live their life in the same holy way that Mary did. The students will bring them in to share with the class and they will be displayed in the hallway for other classes to admire.

May Crowning- During the month of May, we honor our mother, Mary by crowning Mary every day. The students will each create a crown made out of real or silk flower, beads, or ribbons. To honor Mary, we gather around her statue each day, pray and sing songs. Each student will have their special day to crown Mary with the special crown they created.


Edible Plant & Animal Cell Models- In groups, students will collaborate and create plant and animal cell models out of food! This activity will help the students experience the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and creativity. This lesson visually helps the students understand the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells. It is also a fun hands on activity for the students to label each part of the cell and learn the specific jobs of each part of the cell. Each group will share their final models with the rest of the class and explain what they learned and why it is important.

Dissecting flowers- As a part of our science lab, the students will observe and sketch a flower. They will identify the different parts of the flower and use a hand lens to get a closer inspection of each piece. Next, they will cut open the anther to observe the pollen grains as well as cut open the pistil to find the ovary and eggs. Finally, the students will tape the different flower parts in the labeled boxes on their recording sheets. This activity is both engaging and fun for all.

Language Arts

Spelling City: The students participate in activities on an interactive website called, Spelling City. This is a fun way for the students improve their spelling, vocabulary, and writing skills while also incorporating the use of technology. The students are able to access Spelling City at school on the Chromebooks. They also complete Spelling City activities online at home on a weekly basis.

Book in a Box: The students each choose a book they want to read. As they read the book, the students should keep a list of ideas for objects they might want to use in the project that represent what is happening throughout the story. After they finish reading the book, the students will find a shoe box and decorate the outside of the box with the Title of the book along with pictures or drawings of the characters in the story. Next, the students will find eight different objects that represent different parts or chapters of the book. For each object, the students will make a note card that includes the name of the object at the top and one paragraph about how the object is an important part of the book. After finishing their boxes the students will bring them in and share them with the class. This is a fun way for the students to use their creativity and make the book come to life in front of the class.

Flying High with Poetry: The students will create a kite shaped poem in which each line of the poem gets shorter in length. The students will begin writing a rough draft of their poem on a topic of their choice. Next, the students get into pairs and talk with each other about how they could revise or edit their poems. After re-writing their final draft, the students will each receive a kite shaped template. The students will copy down their poem onto the kite and color or design it to their liking. This activity is a fun way for the students to practice navigating through the writing process and gives them the opportunity to collaborate and receive feedback from their classmates.